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F79: Obtaining Good Exposure for Cataract Surgery Using Topical Anesthesia: Double-Clip Technique
F80: Arslan's Covered Cornea Technique
F81: Jackhammer Effect of the Phaco Tip: Have We Been Using It Appropriately During Quadrant Removal?
F82: Intraoperative Aids for Improving the Quality of Capsulorhexis
F83: Finger-Crafted Technique
F84: Surgical Management of 2 Serious Problems Threatening the Integrity of the Eye: Scleral Ischemia and Melt
F86: Ultrachopper: New Era in Cataract Surgery
F88: Use of Torsional Ultrasound in Management of Dropped Nuclear Fragments and Dislocated Crystalline Lenses
F89: Changing Your Practice Pattern by Incorporating Fugo Blade Plasma Ablation Into Your Surgical Repertoire
F90: Microincision Trabeculectomy or Sclerostomy
F91: Corneoplastique: Art of Vision Surgery
F92: Scleral Fixation of a Dislocated IOL by Externalizing the Haptics Through the Corneal Side Ports Without IOL Extraction
F93: Human Amniotic Membrane Transplantation in Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
F94: Sutureless Amniotic Membrane Transplantation for Painful Bullous and Band Keratopathy
F95: Transilluminated Flap-Lifting Technique for LASIK Enhancement
F96: A Pupil on Strings: A Novel Method for Intraoperative Mechanical Pupil Dilation
F99: Dual AcrySof ReSTOR Plus Hema-Domed Removable Implant for Managing Babies: A New Technique
F100: CO2 Laser Surgery for Blepharoptosis Using Müller's Muscle-Tuck Method
F101: King of Rings
F102: Management of Lens--Iris Diaphragm Retropulsion Syndrome Using an Iris-Hook Retractor
F103: Simultaneous 2.0 Incision Cataract Surgery and 25-Gauge Needle Vitreous Surgery: Method and Results
F104: Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Penetrating Keratoplasty: Creating a New Field for Corneal Surgery
F105: Corneal Surgery: The Femto Is My Friend
F106: Normal-Tension Cataract Surgery
F107: Microincision Prelex: When Microincision Meets Microincision Multifocal Diffractive IOL
F108: Pterygium Pearls
F109: Keratoplasty: The Bond Strengthened
F110: Ab Externo Microfiltration Track Through Clear Cornea Using a Fugo Blade
F111: Perilimbal Infusion: A Safe Cataract Anesthetic
F112: Cataract Surgery 2007: The Immobile Movement
F115: Amniotic Membrane Transplantation Using Fibrin Glue for Pinguecula and Pterygium
F116: Dual-Irrigation Micro Coaxial Phacoemulsification