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A Tale of 2 Irides: Contrasting Treatment of 2 Patients with Iatrogenic Iridodialysis (F10)
Capsular Peeling in Long-Standing Anterior Capsule Contraction Syndrome After Cataract Surgery with Intraoperative Floppy-Iris Syndrome (F12)
Capsular Tension Ring Complications and Fish-Tail Technique for Stress-Free Insertion (F97)
Clear Lens Phacoemulsification in Nanophthalmic Eyes (F3)
Descemet's Diaries (F8)
Dirty Dozen (F9)
Fixation on Capsule Fixation (F6)
Manual Small-Incision Cataract Surgery in Silicone-Oil-Filled Eyes: Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs (F11)
Method of Combined Management by Phaco and Vitrectomy in Pediatric Secondary Cataract and Vitreous Opacities Due to Old Panuveitis with Excellent Visual Outcome (F7)
My Worst-Case Cataract Scenario (F5)
No More Panic: Sutureless Vitrectomy Combined with Triamcinolone Stain to Manage Posterior Capsule Rupture During Phacoemulsification (F4)
Preventing Corneal Endothelial Damage and Viscocircular Pattern in Bimanual Phaco (F13)
Pupilloplasty Pearls and Techniques (F2)
Viscodissection: New and Simple Technique to Reduce the Incidence of Posterior Capsule Tear During Phacoemulsification (F98)
What Lies Beneath? (F1)