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F62: Flexible Eye Model for Explanation of Surgery to Patients
F117: Bridging the Gap
F118: Slitlamp Technique for Repositioning of Dislocated DSEK Flap
F119: Microphacodynamic
F120: Pseudophakic Capsular Block
F121: The Perfect Cleaner
F122: Fundamentals in Fluidics: Coaxial Phacoemulsification Versus Bimanual Phaco
F123: Innocent Eyes: Devil's Cataract
F125: Get It Out: Removal Techniques for Different Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Devices
F126: Optimizing Bimanual Microincisional Cataract Surgery
F127: My First Big Bubble
F128: To See the Silver Lining in the Dark Cloud: Various Illumination Methods in Eyes with Corneal Opacification
F129: OZil with Opesaver
F130: Trabeculectomy Under Topical and Limited Sub-Tenon's Anesthesia Plus Pearls in Maximizing Surgical Success in Asian Eyes
F131: Anterior Vitreous Face Disruption During Posterior Capsulorhexis in Congenital Cataract Surgery: Is Early Identification and Elimination Attainable?
F132: Management of Intracameral Bleeding During Surgery for Infantile Glaucoma
F133: From Phaco-Cutting to True Phaco-Emulsification
F134: Deep Anterior Keratoplasty in Keratoconus Patients
F135: Watch Out for Anterior Capsular Block
F136: Deep Sclerectomy and Hyaluronic Implant: Surgical Technique, Evolution, and Results
F137: Visual Studio Code in Analyzing Surgical Video Footage for Quality Assurance and Teaching
F138: The Frog: French Research Ozil Group