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F60: Alfonso Corneal Transplant Diamond Knife
F61: Anterior Segment Pathologies Captured on Scheimpflug Video
F64: Intraocular Mirror
F65: Endoscopic Vitrectomy in Exchange of Seoul-Type Keratoprosthesis in a Rabbit Model
F66: Anterior Chamber Measuring Device Revisited
F67: Performance Comparison of Different Types of Phacoemulsification Tips in Torsional Phacoemulsification
F68: The 'Fat Boy' Chopper: No More Leaks in the Wrong Place
F69: The Wizard of OZil
F70: Simple Technique for Retropupillary Implantation of Iris-Claw IOLs in Aphakia
F71: Tips About Phaco Tips and Tubings
F87: Ferrara's Technique for Lamellar Keratoplasty: Easy and Safe